Periodontal disease, injury and tooth decay can all cause a loss of your natural teeth. However, we can bring back the smile on your face with dentures to restore your missing teeth. With improved technology and updated materials, dentists can now make them appear more natural and more comfortable for the patient.

There are two types of dentures: complete and partial. Complete dentures cover the patient’s entire jaw while partial dentures, with either metal or flexible plastic framework, replace multiple missing teeth. Ask our doctors to see which type would be right for you.

For patients that have loose dentures, we can now securely attach those dentures to the mouth with the use of dental implants. Please ask our doctor if you would like to discuss an implant assisted denture.

It may take some time to adjust to your dentures. Speaking and eating may feel different at first, but these regular activities will resume normally once you are accustomed to your dentures.