Smile Design

The art of smile design involves the effective communication between the patient, dentist and dental ceramist. In order to meet and exceed the esthetic expectations of our patients, it is important that the dental team fully comprehends what type of smile the patient would like to have. This may be communicated by verbal description, photos of a patient’s family member or friend, pictures from magazines, or even smiles from a book in our office.

Some of the questions we will ask you are:

  • What is it that you do not like about your smile?
  • How white would you like your smile?
  • How youthful or mature would you like your smile?
  • How large or small would you like the teeth to be?
  • Do you have any photos of smiles that you consider to be beautiful?

The more specific the patient can be, the better!

The initial evaluation will also include digital photographs of the patient and models of their mouth. The dentist will then work closely with the dental ceramist to create a “mock up” of the proposed smile on the models of the patient’s teeth. This “mock up” will be used in consultation with the patient in order to provide visualization of the possible changes that can be made to the smile. Once the mock up is approved by the patient, we will be ready to begin treatment.

We will utilize the mock up to fabricate custom temporary restorations out of resin, which will mimic the proposed final product. This “trial smile” will allow the patient to wear the new smile and allows us opportunity to make changes in the design, if needed. When we receive final approval from the patient, the final restorations will then mimic the changes made in the temporary restorations.

Our goal is to provide a custom smile that is unique to each patient, utilizing highly esthetic restorations that mimic nature’s beauty!